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About Janati

Knowledgeable Business Minded Salesforce Consultants

Janati is the Sanskrit word for wise. Janati was established because we like to see customers succeed using the Salesforce platform, and we have the knowledge to ensure it happens with our products and services. We plan to introduce multiple products to solve common business problems clients face with Salesforce. Once our products are published on the AppExchange, you will be able to try any of them for free. Click here to join our mailing list and receive product announcements. You will see that our products are tested and work with multiple business scenarios. Our products are successful because we have had the opportunity to work with so many customers and understand all the intricacies between setup configuration and custom products. Learn how to work directly with us on any custom Salesforce projects or your implementation needs.

How We Work

If you have a business problem to solve, you can be sure that we will first understand the problem and then develop the solution using out of the box configuration and customization as best fits the problem, budget and timeframe. We know what is required for customers to be successful. We work closely with your team during our engagements so they gain knowledge and the ability to support your Salesforce application after the engagement. Training and documentation are always a part of all our projects.

Janati wants your experience working with us to be effective and efficient. We work with your budget and timeframe to develop a prioritized plan within the first phase of the project. From our experience we are able to give high level estimates. If more in depth analysis is required, Janati offers Business Process Reviews (BPR) along with prototyping as needed.

How We Work
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