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Who We Are

The People Behind The Company

Janati Consulting was founded by Kamela Arya. She has been implementing Salesforce for companies of all sizes  from small businesses to global enterprise corporations for 15 years. Her tenure in the Salesforce ecosystem has allowed her to understand the Salesforce platform inside and out, evolving solutions with each Salesforce release. 

Kamela Arya

Kamela is an expert in software technology with over 25 years experience encompassing all major technologies from client server applications through Cloud computing. She has an extensive background in marketing, developing and implementing business applications at both innovative start-ups and established industry leaders. For the past 15 years she has been specializing in providing expertise for Salesforce projects in sales, marketing, service, and platform. She acts as a solution architect, project manager, and implementation specialist with knowledge of all aspects of the Salesforce platform. Prior to Salesforce consulting, Kamela worked in product management and held key management positions at a number of software companies. She holds a BS degree in Engineering from Stanford University.


Kamela Arya
Santa Cruz, California
Spas Solakov
Sofia, Bulgaria

Kamela and Spas met over 10 years ago at Rainmaker Systems where they worked together to design and build customized solutions for Sun Microsystem’s Salesforce Instance managing Leads worldwide. In on the ground floor, Spas is an expert developer in Apex, Visualforce and all aspects of the Salesforce platform. Together they’ve delivered a wide array of customized solutions for Salesforce users including Lead Assignment, Opportunity Processes, Time Tracking, as well as batch processes and integrations. He has been building Enterprise database applications for over 15 years and has experience on multiple platforms and technologies. Spas holds a BA from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Jeannette Liu-Deza
Jeannette Liu-Deza
Los Angeles, California

Jeannette has been working with the Salesforce platform for over 14 years. Kamela and Jeannette have worked together for many years with Salesforce's premier partners. Jeannette started as a Business Analyst with Ventus Solutions and became a senior member as they grew to be one of Salesforce's largest platinum partners, NTT Data Cloud Services. At NTT Data Cloud Services, Jeannette managed a team of Solution Architects who helped companies automate business processes within Salesforce in industries such as life sciences, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing, etc. She has hands on expertise in all Salesforce products and significant experience with companies having over 1000 users. Jeannette holds a BS degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems from University of Southern California.

Salesforce Certifications

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