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Janati’s Round Robin Lead Assignment is Available!

Janati developed Round Robin Lead Assignment (RRLA) to solve a common business problem that clients have faced for years. How can leads be distributed evenly to multiple groups of Salesforce users based on different criteria?

So how does RRLA work? All leads or a subset of your company's leads can be assigned using RRLA on create or update. Configuration is simple using the Round Robin field or custom button. RRLA will assign the lead to the next Group Member if there is a match to an RR Assignment. An RR Assignment is based on a filter of any combination of Country, US States/Canadian Provinces, or Standard/Custom Lead picklist fields. Group Members are Salesforce users related to a RR Assignment. The assignment rules and group members are all easily configured and maintained using the Salesforce interface.

The Round Robin Setup tab should be used by System Administrators to set which lead picklist field(s) RRLA can use for matching and whether to call the standard lead assignment rule. RRLA can work in conjunction with your standard lead assignment rules in case RRLA doesn't find a valid match. Don’t forget there must be a lead assignment rule entry that will not reassign the owner if the Round Robin Assignee field is populated. If RRLA fails to find a valid match, all other standard Salesforce lead owner processes apply.

How does RRLA work?

Install the package for free now! Click here to learn more.

Questions? New Features? We'd love to hear your feedback below on the product.

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